Venta del Baron Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is fantastic extra virgin olive oil with countless awards. It is great to have on the table, to dress salad with, to cook into tomato sauces. Please don't fry with it. Too good for that.

Venta del Baron

With Spain producing nearly half of the entire world’s olives, it is with little surprise that the title of World’s Best Olive Oil has been awarded to this Andalusian extra virgin olive oil for an incredible four consecutive years. Presented in a beautiful glass bottle with a red wax seal, it contains a blend of highly regarded premium Hojiblanca and Picuda olives. The thick oil has a fragrant fruitiness which builds to a peppery spice on the tongue. You’ll want to savour the complex taste with good quality crusty bread.

That is what the experts say. I say it's just blooming great, and suprisingly affordable.

Some people prefer the fruitiness of a Greek Olive Oil, or the smoothness of an Italian. That is all preference. This however is a very very good all rounder.