Drone Shoot No.2 - SARDINIA

Drone Shoot No.2 - SARDINIA

Right folks.

Here is the last part of this mini series. I think this one is more cinematic. The wife told me to put music over it with no singing. I listened.

This is a spectacular part of the world. I only discovered it through working on board super yachts, which makes me grateful for this job I do. Definitely going to come back with the family next year. The beaches are excellent, food good and cheap, very laid back lifestyle.

Hope you like it.

Drone Shoot No.1 - SARDINIA

Drone Shoot No.1 - SARDINIA

Right folks,

The yacht is in Olbia awaiting the boss. He is flying from the States and joining us here. The airport is extremely close and very convenient for the wealthy, apparently; separate lines, queues, etc. They don't have to mix with the great unwashed! Let us not kid ourselves, that would be lovely. Took me 3 hours to get through security in Marrakech in April.


This is my first attempt at the north of Sardinia. This is a lovely island, with great food and even greater people. The beaches are fantastic, crystal clear, water's warm in July - perfect. I have another video with some more footage that I suspect will be better than this one. Kept it at 2 minutes here, for your viewing pleasure.