French Carte de Sejour - UK Citizen

Right Folks,

I have my carte de sejour now. Its was a 6 month ordeal, but I have it in my hands now.

Please read my original post on the subject where I go into detail on how to get one.

The point of this blog is a short, but an important final note.

Just before the end of March, five months after I’d been approved, my carte de sejour still had not arrived. Brexit was upon us. Or at least it was supposed be upon us.

So, I went back to the prefecture in Nice, queued up again from 7am to see where my carte de sejour could be. I was almost certain that due to the increased volume of applications they had a considerable backlog and it would be posted to me in due course.

However, after to queueing for a few hours and then being one of the first in my particular line to get to the front of an information booth, I was told that it was right there at the prefecture. I had to come back and pick it up from them after 1pm.

So, point is: You must go back into the prefecture to pick the carte up. They send you a text message, apparently. They didn’t in my case.

I now have a 10 year titre de sejour, which is a French residence permit. So if they ever sort the Brexit out and the UK actually leaves Europe, I will be secure living in France. What if I didn’t get one? I have property in France, kids in school, savings in the bank. Would they kick me out? Probably not. I hope not.

I also have my French driving license now, so I have the set. These are both going to be trouble for me moving forward. French driving licenses are easier to attract French speeding points. I think, 12 is how many you get before you are banned. A carte de sejour also probably means you are firmly in the taxman’s tentacles. Not that I am not already. Oh well.

Thank you for reading. Hope this helps.