Provisioning in Capri: Best food shops for superyacht chefs (and anyone else)  Chef Wilshaw  chef at sea  superyacht chef  yacht chef  private chef  personal chef

There is no rule book to being a chef on a yacht, at least there isn't one that works in every situation because, obviously, on each yacht you are working with different captains and different owners. If I am to offer any advice it would be to try and start with common sense and be prepared to learn as you go. Since I firmly believe in sourcing local produce whenever possible, when on Capri I use the fish, fruit and vegetables that are from the island and the surrounding sea. After 12 years of working on board superyachts I can now say with confidence that if you need food, good food, in Capri, I have you covered. I have got a fantastic veg man, an amazing luxury gourmet products guy, a great mozzarella man, and I know the place where you can get the freshest fish I have seen in Europe. Bonus, you don't need to be a superyacht chef or any kind of chef to shop in these places. AirBNBing in Capri? Go and buy yourself a fish from my fish monger. Grab a load of snacks from my gourmet store guy and head to the beach. Or, stock up a large yacht ready to serve the rich and famous. 

So, here it is, my slice of life as a superyacht chef.  Chef Wilshaw  chef at sea  superyacht chef  yacht chef  private chef  personal chef

This is Antonio. I have seen Antonio on each of my visits to the island. He sells fruit and veg, some cheese and meats, and anything else, really. They throw everything in their little bicycle and deliver straight to the yacht.


Here, Antonio is putting together a few sandwiches for the crew.  Baguettes, drizzled with olive oil, with fresh local tomatoes, grade A fiori di latte, basil and prosciutto. Mouthwatering!

20180813_075211_HDR.jpg  Chef Wilshaw  chef at sea  superyacht chef  yacht chef  private chef  personal chef

Enzo is my main veg man in Capri. He's a bit camera shy, so there is no pic of him to share, but below is a pic of Enzo's car, when he let me have a go. 

Enzo's fruit and veg is local and organic. He delivers everything a yacht chef could need, direct to the yacht. This pumpkin was massive, could have fed a medium sized army. I made risotto, puree, pasta, veg dishes and soup. Only 50 euros, not bad at all.  Chef Wilshaw  chef at sea  superyacht chef  yacht chef  private chef  personal chef

Finally, there is another Antonio, the fish monger. Antonio consistently, without a fail, sells incredibly fresh fish. He supplies all the restaurants on the island, so turnover is very high. Never cheap, always amazing quality.


That is a local fish, called ricciolo. It is very meaty, similar to cobia and amberjack in the States.


Orata, or Dorade Royal, or Sea Bream. I ask them to scale and gut the fish, so all I need to do is oil and season it, and put in a hot oven for 14 minutes. Perfect fish.


Anyway, it is good to be a yacht chef when in Capri. The produce is great and the experience of acquiring the produce is even better. It is also nice to be in the marina and not stuck at anchor. I am a social fella and I like to feel part of the community.

I will leave you with a quick video of me at the fish market along with a cheesy intro.

Click here to see a video I made with my drone while in Capri. I walked to the top of Capri to a place called Anacapri and recorded from there.


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