The idea of this website has been brewing, cooking, simmering – you get it – for some time now. I have been a professional chef on board some of the world’s most exclusive luxury private yachts for over a decade and this website started as an online portfolio for me to showcase my dishes to potential new employers.

In the process of creating it, I realized a couple of things. One, I was having fun creating a website. Two, I actually wanted to share more than just my food photos online.

I have always loved travelling and I am so fortunate that through my work I get to explore so many cool destinations. Successful travel requires an open mind and food is a great gateway into new cultures. With my travel notes and cheffy musings, I want to inspire your (solo or family) adventures regardless of whether or not they are food-centered.

When it comes to cooking, I believe in using local produce, respecting the seasons, and reducing waste. The first two are the path to healthier diet and all three help minimize the considerable carbon footprint of my industry. I also believe in having fun both while cooking and eating.

Because, food should be not only a source of nourishment and health, but also a source of joy in our lives! All of the recipes I share, from humble stalwarts to haute dishes, have been tried and tested by me in galleys all over the world. I try to keep it simple and un-intimidating and whenever possible I illustrate the method with some step-by-step photos, so that even the novice cooks can venture without fear.  


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