They also do a fantastic apple cider vinegar. Which I try to have a shot of everymorning. Aparently that is a fantastic thing to do.



Mainly Salads

I started Bragg's being used when I joined the yacht I work on at the moment, about 5 years ago. The sous chef's were spraying it onto salads and fish.

I didn't really fancy it at first, tasted weird. Brown liquid froma spray bottle - nah!

Jessica, one of ts in the chefs used it in conjuction with lemon juice and chilli. Turns out it actually tasts very good indeed. Marmite perhaps. A richness, a deep flavour, if you notice in the quinoa salad, apart from the olive oil in the quinoa while cooking I don't add any more oil. You don't need it with this product.

I think it is well worth having a bottle of this knocking around. Enjoy!

This is a non-fermented soy sauce to use for seasoning foods. 16 amino acids, no chemicals, no artificial colouring, no gluten, no alchol, no preservatives.

It tastes mildy of soy sauce. It is made for non gmo soy beans and water. Tiny bit of sodium, if you are intertested in cutting down on that. There is so much more sodium in soy sauce - even the low sodiums products.