Whole Baked Salmon

Right Folks,

Here is a good one. But before I get to it, let me clarify something. It is not exactly a whole baked salmon in the photos, it’s a half one. Normally, I do a whole fish, but there was no need this time. Just in case someone out there is hung up on details…

This dish has an absolutely wonderful texture, and with the vegetables piled on top it really is a showpiece on the table. It is also a cool dish for camping trips because it is so easy to make. I had the idea for this dish after watching a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall TV show where he nailed a side of salmon to a board and left it up right by a bone fire.

As you will see, I gave it a little Asian twist. This is really less of a recipe and more of a suggestion. Serve with some rice and you have a fantastic meal. I highly recommend you make this. I realize fish is not cheap, but if you can/feel like splurging it is always a nice alternative to meat. Also, the people you cook for will love you when you serve them this one. It’s nice to feel that kind of ‘you-fed-us-good-food’ love. If you ask me.


Good quality salmon (I usually go for organic, but, as I reveal here, it’s not a must)
Ginger - finely diced
Basil - coarsely chopped
Courgettes - sliced, not too thin
Peppers, fennel and spring onion - sliced
1,5 - 2 cups of Asian or Asian-inspired sauce

Notice I’m not giving you the amounts as it all depends on how big your fish is, but as you will see below, you want to have a substantial amount of veg.


Preheat the oven to 175 C/350 F.


Start with a side of salmon. This piece here isn’t the best quality. I was in St Martin, and I found it in the fish section of the local Carrefour. From Norway, apparently.

Lay the fish skin side down on a foiled tray. Be careful when lining the tray with foil, you want to do this well. Make sure the foil is tight and well crumpled into the corners. You don’t want any leaks happening.


Pile you vegetables high. I start with finely diced ginger, then some basil and courgettes. Then I top with peppers, fennel and onion.


The goal here is to cover the salmon fully. Don’t use too little veg. Pile it up. All you need to remember is to protect the herbs and softer vegetables by placing them underneath the crunchier ones.


Now, we need some liquid in order to keep the fish moist and prevent the vegetables from burning. You can use anything you want here. Soy, mirin, lime juice, sweet chilli sauce even. I am using a Korean BBQ glaze and mirin in equal quantities.


1.5 to 2 cups of of each liquid, enough to be able to baste the fish as it cooks and to have as a sauce when serving.


There you have it folks. Bake for 25 minutes in oven, take it out to baste a few times and serve with some rice and greens.

This is a big one, I recommend it highly.


Michael xx