Vegetable Risotto

Rights folks,

I love making risotto, my wife loves making risotto. My kids, thankfully, love eating risotto. Don’t be afraid of risotto. All that is required is a little bit of prep and an averagely strong arm ready to stir for approximately 18 minutes, but the result is something very, very special. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth kind of dish that can be a super sexy, impress your date kind of thing, or a family friendly school-night offering.


To make it super-easy I am giving you a 3-minute video version of what you need to do to get perfect results.


500g Risotto (Arborio) rice
200g Parmesan
200g Butter
1.5 Litre Vegetable Stock
1 Glass of good quality White Wine
6 tbsp Olive Oil

(Have about equal quantities of vegetables to rice)

Butternut Squash - Diced
Carrots - Diced
Celery - Diced
Mushrooms - Sliced
Broccoli - Chopped
4 Garlic Cloves


Begin by sweating the garlic, celery, onions and carrots. It is totally fine to get a bit of colour on them. After 6-8 minutes, add the sliced mushrooms and the butternut squash. Continue sweating the veg for another few minutes. Then, add the rice.

Stir the rice thoroughly in with the vegetables. You want every grain of rice coated in some of the oil. Heat the rice up a little, one to two minutes. Just keep on stirring it around gently with the vegetables. An Italian chef I worked with used to say we want the rice to sing back at us. I loved that. In reality the sound is more like a squeezing sound. Anyway, add the wine in and begin stirring. Please use decent wine in all your dishes. Good wine equals good food, cheap wine, not so much.

Once the wine has evaporated start adding a ladle of your hot stock at the time and stir continuously until the stock has evaporated. Continue like this on medium heat until all the stock has gone or about 18 minutes. When I say stir, I mean it. Keep your elbow going for every single of those 18 minutes.

Turn the heat off, then add the butter and parmesan.

Season with a little salt and pepper at various stages during the cooking. This way you have better control and less chance to overdo it, and you also give your arm a tiny little break from all that stirring.

That’s it!

Serves 4-6, depends how hungry you all are.