Perfect Potato Rösti

Right Folks,

I am inspired to share my rösti recipe after eating a decent one in a quaint roadside joint last month in Ontario. We were on a family break, about a 4 hour drive from Toronto. This was April, so finally the snow had mostly left the city, but as we drove up north we realized it was still a proper winter wonderland around there. Crazy! We had roughly 2 hours on a highway to start with. To a foreigner, or at least to yours truly, Canadian highways are just a big free-for-all. Imagine 8 lanes on each side, left and right ramps, and collectors. All a mystery to me. I drive as fast as allowed in what I assume is the fast lane, keeping my eye on the many dickheads overtaking me seemingly from all sides. Anyway, once off the highway, we had roughly 2 hours of smaller roads, one lane in each direction, driving through small towns and a lot of farmland. Heaven!! Here is a map of our journey from Toronto.

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We found a lovely little restaurant halfway between Peterborough and Bancroft. It’s a Swiss restaurant run by an old Swiss guy and his wife, with tarts and massive röstis. Some of their rösti come with all the usual North American toppings, but I chose their classic rösti served in a massive skillet with a chicken schnitzel, fried egg, fried onions and sour cream on top… I know, I know.

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So now that you know why I have rösti on my mind, let me tell you that you have come to the right place to learn how to make your very own potato rösti. I have been making these tasty suckers for over 20 years. I have completely ruined some, made some amazing ones, and made every other type of average rösti in between. What I am sharing with you here, is a foolproof rösti recipe, that can be kept for later use or eaten immediately. Potato rösti is a versatile dish. You can have it for breakfast, lunch and / or dinner. I am leaving the toppings choice up to you, and giving you just the basic rösti technique here. I have faith in you. If you do run into trouble with this or any other of my dishes you attempt, contact me and I’ll try to help.


Salt and Pepper

Attention! You need your country’s version of yellow waxy potatoes. Don’t use the white one please. You will end up with a slimy mess…



PEEL your spuds while keeping them in a bowl of cold water.


GRATE all your potatoes.


WASH your grated potatoes.


DRAIN and lay potatoes on a clean t-towel.


ROLL like this and squeeze like crazy over a sink.


PLACE your squeezed and drained potato in a bowl and SEASON with salt and pepper.


HEAT some oil in a pan, medium heat.


ADD your seasoned potatoes, pushing them down at the edges.


TIDY UP the sides and continue to cook on medium for 8 minutes.


FLIP carefully the bottom. It should be nice and golden.


COOK for another 8 minutes then BAKE for 20 minutes.


FLIP onto a cooling wire.

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You can eat your perfect rösti right away or save it for later. You can slice it when cool and re-heat it in wedges. I did an instagram post a while ago serving it with caviar and sour cream.