Chef-at-sea Xmas Wish List

Right Folks,

I am jumping on the Polar Express and following everyone else out there with a Christmas Wish List of my own. If you are a cutting-it-close kind of person when it comes to Christmas shopping and if you are looking for some great gifts for a chef, cook, or a foodie loved one in your life, look no further.

Good thing about this list is that it moonlights perfectly as a non-Christmas list of awesome gifts for a chef, cook, or a foodie loved one in your life.



An awesome chef’s tool and amazing piece of kit for the home kitchen. I won’t do it justice here, but let me try regardless.

This baby blends better than anything else on the market. You can make instant sorbets and granitas. It makes healthier smoothies as it breaks down more of the cell walls of the fruits, nuts and vegetables.

The working parts are metal on metal, so it lasts. It lasts years. I have two, one on each yacht and they have been going for 9 years. This of course makes it better value than the domestic blenders costing $100 - $200 that don’t really do a very good job and don’t last as long either.



Another costly but fantastic bit of kit. It does so many jobs. It weighs, meaning no bowls, no scales, just load everything into it . It chops, meaning if you need a diced onion, this can do it in seconds. It cooks, meaning you can set the temperature and off you go. Plus it blends. It is like having your own assistant in the kitchen. I can make curry and stews and soups using only the Thermomix. Hands down, this is my most used piece of kitchen equipment.


Dalstrong Chef’s Knife

I have been reviewing and using these knives for a while now. They are cheaper than the usual Global or Shun brands. They are great quality and offer little extras. See my reviews below.


Cast Iron Skillet

People spend 1000s on non-stick pans over the years. These suckers lose their non stick quality, get all bent out of shape and usually end up in the bottom of the pan cupboard. Investing in a cast iron skillet will mean having it for life. Following the correct procedures result in the pan being non stick (promise). And it isn’t difficult either. Simply rinse your skillet and wipe with oil after each use.


Dutch Oven

Another superb piece of kit that will last you a lifetime. I think tools like this make things taste better.

Merry Christmas!