Quick Review: Amazon Fresh

At this point, many people have made their minds up about fresh produce delivery to their home. Some think it’s simply awesome to have fruit and veg delivered to their doorstep; others are not prepared to have their fruit and veg picked out for them. I was reading that 34% of South Koreans get their groceries delivered using an online service and apparently that number is rising steadily in the US. If you are still undecided, I am here to tell you about Amazon Fresh.

I used it every day for a month. First thing to say is that it is very convenient. The whole eco-system is in place already. You buy stuff already from amazon, they know all your addresses. This is brilliant. You can choose a time of the day to suit you. You can choose to either have them leave it by the door or have them knock on the door and give it to you. So far, so good.

More basic fruit and veg: onions, apples, carrots, celery and bananas arrive in perfect condition. The more delicate fruit and veg DID arrive rather bruised and tatty on more than one occasion. If you don’t open the bag and inspect everything that you ordered the day before and give back anything you don’t think is any good you are left with these tatty - fresh, but tatty - fruit and veg.

I had a bunch of asparagus that looked like it was used as a weapon 10 minutes before it was given to me. I accepted the order, telephoned and complained and they just refunded my money and told me to keep the asparagus. I made an asparagus soup!

It is quick and convenient, but the quality needs improving. I was using amazon fresh in Miami Beach. Can’t speak for other cities. Fruit and veg in Miami is generally crap, so perhaps it is the same for Amazon Fresh.

If you order online around lunchtime for a delivery the next day, you can continue adding to that order in the afternoon and early evening, which I thought was great. Very helpful if like me you may have forgotten something.

Also, There is a automatic $5 tip. It is annoying because it is not added to the bill but as another charge, which is annoying when it comes to accounting at the end of the month.

So, here it is. My two cents. Please feel free to leave comments. If this is your first time to my website, welcome. I do food photography, drone photography, recipes, blogs and other nonsense.