Best All Purpose Kitchen Knives

Right folks,

There seem to be two kinds of people when it comes to buying knives. Those who don’t understand the importance of having a top kitchen knife and happily buy a supermarket or Ikea knife that sits in the drawer for years, blunt as a spoon. Then, there are those people who realize the importance of having a good quality knife. I am not trying to persuade you to go and spend loads of money on knives. In fact, you do not need a “set” of knives that are rubbish quality and go blunt in a month. Honestly, don’t go for a wooden block crap; it’s just taking up the valuable real estate on your kitchen counter.

As a chef, some things are ingrained in you from early on, and having a good sharp knife is certainly one of them. But this is more than some sort of a snobby chef thing. A serious knife is an indispensable cooking tool, but in my opinion, you really only need two good knives, a larger one and a small one. So, here is my selection of the best all-purpose knives available for you in your kitchen. Wherever your kitchen may be.

Kai Wasabi Black Chef’s Knife

I have used this knife a lot. It is not the best looking Japanese knife you can buy, but it certainly does the job more than well, looks cool, and most importantly keeps its edge. You'll use again and again. It’s easy to handle and what I really love about it is that the blades are sharpened on a single side, which makes the food not stick as you are chopping it. This knife is good value for money and stays sharp for a long time. Here are some photos and a link to where I bought mine.

Global G-48 Chef Knife

This knife is slightly more money, but looks a lot cooler. I mean, how important it is to have a cool-looking knife? I’m not sure. You don’t want a cool-looking knife that sucks, that’s for sure, so I guess coolness is an added bonus. Making food from scratch is definitely cool… Anyway, consider the coolness factor within reason is probably what I am trying to say. In addition to being cooler, this Global performs a bit better than the Wasabi. It’s comfortable and easy to control. It looks gorgeous, stays sharp and slices very, very nicely. It will last you years. A proper chefs tool!
Again, here are some photos and a link to where I bought mine.

Shun Classic 8" Chef's Knife

There are two big knife brands from Japan, made en-masse, i.e. not by a local blacksmith. One of them is Global, the other is Kai/Shun. This is Kai/Shun’s $150 offering, and what a knife it is. Beautiful handle, razor sharp and, yes, it looks cool. This is a seriously good quality knife and this is probably my favourite of the three. It is a little more traditional than the Global and it truly feels like a luxury item, which is always a nice extra. As with the other two knives, here are some photos and a link to where I bought mine.

So, there it is. Thank you for reading and please remember you need to keep your knife sharp because it is actually a shitty blunt knife that is a danger in the kitchen.