Sugar Free Cereal

Twice a week my boss asks for cereal. Simple, except he does not, or more accurately should not eat sugar. I was serving him brown rice, sugar free rice crispies for a number of years until he got bored. I bought 8 different "sugar free" brands from Whole Foods. We did a taste test, but he unfortunately - and typically - liked the one which contained some maple syrup. So, I had to make a version of the cereal he chose that was also healthy for him.

Enter, Michael's Sugar Free Cereal.

3 Cups Organic Oats
1 Cup Flax Seeds
1 Cup Pumpkin Seeds
3/4 Cup Maltitol
1/4 Cup Splenda/Coconut Sugar/Maple Sugar
2 Cups Puffed Brown Rice


Start with 3 cups of organic oats.

Toast oats at 180 C for 10 minutes until lightly toasted.


1 Cup of each.

Flax seeds and Pumpkin seeds.

Add 3/4 Cup of maltitol, mix and bake for another 10 minutes, stirring twice.



Half the calories of sugar, with a lesser effect on blood glucose


This is what you should end up with.

Allow to cool completely. If some oats are sticking together, give it a little smash and they should seperate.


Puffed Rice

Brown / Organic

Add 2 Cups of the puffed brown rice to the cooled oats.



Coconut or maple sugar would be better.

Add 1/4 Cup just to sweeten the whole mix. Completely optional.


Place in an airtight jar and make sure you use it all within a month.